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Distributors / ISR Wanted
At various locations worldwide for our range of Ophthalmic, Pathalogy, Gynaecology, ENT and Surgical Products
The number of available opportunities is limited check the Map to see if your area is available.
Visine is looking for distributions channels for meduical equipments, which have potential market. These products incorporates the latest digital technnology to improve on and expand. Our products are already accepted world wide for quality and price.
Our Products
We maufacture a major range of Ophthalmic Equipments and Instruments wiz Slit lamps, Surgical Microscopes, Trial lens Sets, Euipment Stands etc
The range of Pathological Euipments is full of Laboratory Microscopes and Accessories.
The range of Colposcopes are meant for Gynaecology.
ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) range includes various Surgical Microscopes, Digital Video Cameras, Endoscopes, Lyrongoscopes and Opertaing Lights.
Most of our products are CE and we are ISO 9001 - 2000 & 13485 :2003 Certified.
Description of Distributor Profile
We are offering the business opportunity for result oriented distributors range from a small company start - up, big companies with full distribution or individuals who have significant experience and contacts with the buyers in our target markets, the company size and type does not matter.
What does matter?
A commitment to the sales of our products.
Ideal Distributor Profile
The distributor should match the majority of the following characteristics:
  Commitment to the sales of Visine Products in the target markets,
  Significant experience with one or more of the product lines,
  Will actively market to the target customers,
  Financially sound person or company,
  Entrepreneurial and pragmatic style, aggressive sales type,
  We prefer aggressive distributors handling high-quality products,
  Ability to sell products on quality and features rather than on price.
Target Markets
  Nursing Homes
  Independent Practising Doctors
  Speciality Clinics
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The Green pins on the map shows locations where we are looking for distributors/ ISR's
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